AXIS M3007: Custom Area Views

Open the camera interface by typing it's IP into your browser.
Click Setup in the upper right hand corner.
Ensure that your Firmware is, which will be on the main screen after clicking Setup.
Click Video on the left hand side.
This will expand all the possible streams for this camera.
Click View Areas. (Not View area 1, 2, etc.)
With View Area 1 highlighted, set the default pan/tilt/zoom settings and click save.
Do this for all 4 views.

Now, login to the admin section of ESM.
Click Devices on the right hand side.
Add a new camera in your desired location.
Ensure the image type for both live view and recording is h.264.
For camera type, choose "Axis M3007-View 1"

Do this for each of the 4 views.
View the ESM User Page in Google Chrome for best results.

If you have newly purchased this camera, please contact to get a license update to accomodate each view. (each M3007 will require several licenses).


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