RAID Card Drivers/Settings


-Camera Processes constantly restarting

-Slow read/write performance on drives




Check device manager on your server to ensure that the storage controller has a driver installed.

If not, or if it is disabled, please reference the following sites:


LSI 3WARE 9750 RAID Card

Information // Windows Driver // Management Software


Adaptec 6xxx/7xxx RAID Card

Information // Windows Driver // Management Software


On Board RAID - Intel RST

Information // Windows Driver // Management Software



General RAID Card settings:

The two things that are most important on a RAID card is read and write cache. Both of these can be enabled or disabled based on how your system is configured. 


Read Cache: Always Enabled

Write Cache: Only enable this option if the server is on backup power (UPS/Generator) and you can ensure the server will never shutdown without user interaction. If this is enabled and a server loses power, there is a chance that the operating system and the SQL databases could be corrupt and unusable. Write caching will also make the I/O on your system increase.





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