Enabling Write Caching on an Adaptec RAID card

Turn on Write and Read Caching in the RAID Card


1. Restart the server.

2. On bootup, press "Control + A" to enter RAID BIOS when prompted.

3. Press enter on "Array Configuration Utility"

4. Press enter on "Manage Arrays"

5. Highlight the "Archive" volume and press "Control + C"

6. Use the tab key to cycle through the options and ensure Write Caching and Read Caching are enabled.

     -For Write Caching, you will be presented with two options; Enable with ZMM and Enable Always. Choose "Enable Always"

     -There will be two confirmation prompts after you choose it, press "Y" for yes for both prompts.

7. The settings should read as follows: Read Cache: Enabled, Write Cache: Enabled Always

8. Press escape a few times until a red box prompts you to exit the RAID BIOS.

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