Using a Virtual Machine (VM) to install ESM

Using a Virtual Machine (VM) to install ESM 5.x

Can ESM 5.x be installed on a Virtual Machine using one of the supported Windows Server OS installs?

As long as all pre-reqs and appropriate Server OS versions are used, yes a Virtual Machine (VM) can be used for ESM.

Additional Considerations: 
Due to the nature of Virtualizing hardware, we would like to bring up a few items that will need to be planned and addressed if using a VM environment for ESM.

1.If using a VM for an archive server please be aware that the recording process can be very heavy on Disk I/O. We suggest having a physical drive dedicated to the system so that it's not fighting for Disk I/O with other machines on a partition of a drive. 

2.Make sure to allot enough resources to each server for the amount of cameras desired. For basic system specifications and calculation, please visit our website in the specification section of the Enterprise Surveillance Manager product page for more details: Server Specifications

3. No memory sharing or ballooning. Each VM needs it's own, dedicated memory.


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