Enable Time Stamp for Sony Cameras

Sony Cameras are not displaying time stamps on top of the video feed.


1. Go to the Sony Camera UI.
2. Click "System" on the left hand side.
3. Navigate to the "Superimpose" tab. (On older models, the superimpose option will be under the Date & Time tab.)
4. Change the "Image dropdown" to "Image 2". *(Make sure it is Image 2 and not 1)*
5. Check the radio button to turn "On" superimpose.
6. Click one of the areas that are listed. Upper Left, Top, Center, etc.
7. Click that dropdown and select "Date & Time".
8. Press OK. Your video feed will now display the date and time over the stream.


Go to the cameras setup page and click on superimpose. Configure the Date & time format and separator. Next turn Superimpose On. Configure the Superimpose format and choose Date & time and click okay. Go back to ESM and check that cameras live view in the matrix tab. If the time stamp does not show, go back to the cameras setup page and click on superimpose. You will see text that reads "Image" change this image and repeat the steps until the date & time show up in ESM.

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