Thumbnails show Red X

Symptom: The thumbnails in the archive tab will not display the video images.


1. Try to restart the ipConfigure Recording Control Process.
Start > Administrative Tools > Services > Right click on ipConfigure Recording Control  and choose restart.
Try viewing the thumbnails.

If you are still experiencing the issue, move on to the next step.

2. Here we will identify the StoreX names for each recording volume and add them as virtual directories in IIS.
First, we will need to identify the names of the Stores and know what path each one points to.

Start > All Programs > SQL 2008 R2 > SQL Management Studio
Enter a dot (.) into the server name box and press enter.
Expand the Database Tree > ESM5_2 > Tables > right click on dbo.tServerVolume and choose 'Edit top 200 rows'.
This will give you a list of the server volumes and their "ServerVolumeIDs". 
Take note of each "ServerVolumeID" and it's corresponding "RootArchivePath"

Open IIS.
Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services Manager
Expand the tree on the left until you have the "cameras" site expanded.
You may see a directory under the "cameras" site that says StoreX where X is a number.
This is where we will add the new Stores. The X will directly reference the ServerVolumeID from the dbo.tServerVolume table.

Right click the "cameras" site, choose "Add Virtual Directory"
Alias = StoreX (server volume ID) we will say 3 for example.
Physical Path = Copy whatever is in the RootArchivePath field for that specific volumeID. We will say "D:\Archive\Building1Recordings"
Press OK. 
Repeat this process until all the serverVolumeID's are accounted for.

Once you have completed this, open command prompt as administrator and type 'iisreset'.

Now check your archive tab thumbnails for images. If they still do not show, please email support at



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