Exporting a Whole Day of Archive Video

There is option called "Mass Export" which allows you to export an entire day for a specific camera.

1. Navigate to the ESM User Interface in the Search section of the Archive Tab.

2. Expand the tree and find the camera that you want to export the whole day of video for.

3. Right-click the camera name in the tree and choose "Mass Export" MassExport.png

4. Choose the day(s) from the calendar. 

5. ESMv5.4 - Press the "Export" button on the bottom

ESMv6.x - Press the thumbnail image to start download.


This will export the video as a .zip file to your computer to the directory you have assigned in your browser to download to (individual per user/per browser).  You will need to extract the zipped file before playing back. This zipped filed contains a folder with the individual minutes clips along with the hash files for those minutes and a file called playlist.asx (which will playback all the minutes clips together).  Please see the knowledge base article on "Playing Back Export Video" which can be found here:

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