Retrieve Video from the Filesystem


The UI will not allow you to export a piece of video that you need.



You will need to navigate through the ESM5_2 tables to identify the camera’s EntityIDs and then retrieve the data manually from the archive server which the specific cameras are recording to.

1. Identify which archive server the camera in question is recording to.

2. Log into that server and open SQL Management Studio.

3. Enter a period into the server name box and click connect.

4. Expand the tree on the left Databases > ESM5_2 > Views

5. Right click on dbo.CameraDetail and choose “edit top 200 rows.”

6. The first and fourth columns are the ones that need to be noted. Look for the Name of the camera that you need video for, and correlate it with it’s “EntityID” (first column).

7. Open up your storage volume (ex. D:\Archives)

8. All the folders in here will be numbered. Find the folder that matches the EntityID of the camera you found before. Open the folder.

9. All the folders are sorted by day. You can copy that folder to wherever you need to. The videos inside the folder will be timestamped accordingly. If the videos will not play on the target computer, VLC may need to be used to view the video.


*Note that all recordings found here are separated into one minute recordings.


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