Changing Domain Name for AD Authentication

This knowledge base article provides information about changing the Domain Controller on the network.

NOTE: If you are just changing the DC and not the domain, then you will not have to do any modifications within our application.
But if you are changing the Domain name, you will need to update the configuration files, update the groups in the database, and restart the ipConfigure Portal service.

1. Change the LDAP entry in the root web.config file as well as the admin web.config file.

The modification in code will need to be made in the following two files. (Maybe location other than C: depending on where ESM is installed)


Modify the following line in each:

<add name="ADConnectionString" connectionString="LDAP://"/>

Change the LDAP to the new fully qualified domain name.


2. Update the authentication group(s) in the database.

Open SQL Management Studio on the server.
Expand Databases > ESM5_2_Central > Tables
Right click on dbo.tblGroup and choose "Edit top 200 rows"
Change the "GroupName" column to the updated NetBios name and press enter (Ex. ipconfigure\esm admins"


3. RESTART the IPConfigure Portal Service on the management server.


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