SiteMinder Integration


Can I Integrate ESM with SiteMinder?


ipConfigure has recently released support for Single Sign On authentication using SiteMinder. Below is the instructions for setting this up in an environment running the latest release of ESM 5.3 or above.

Items that need to be addressed before making the following changes are:

1. Make sure ESM is installed with authentication set to Active Directory

2. Configure SiteMinder to add the doman name to the username when passing the authentication through to ESM. Example would be if using as your domain then ESM will need a user account passed through that looks like to login properly.

The first step is to download the ipConfigure.Siteminder.dll attached at the bottom of this article. Move this file to the ESM Management server. You will need to place a copy of this file in the following folders. (This guide utilizes the default install path for the cameras website of C:\ipConfigure\. If this was changed at install please follow along using the path to your install.)



C:\Program Files\ipConfigure\ESMWCF\bin\

Once that is complete we will make modifications to the web.config files. The following changes are to be made to both the User Interface and the Administrator Interface config files which can be found at C:\ipConfigure\web.config and C:\ipConfigure\admin\web.config. Attached is an example file with the changes to be made. It gives the sections and add in the lines under the appropriate sections.

For the "add key= "SM_USER" section please note that the default of SiteMinder is SM_USER, so if this has been changed in your environment please modify the value = to the unique name your site is using. If your unique name was SM_UID then the section would read "add key="SM_USER" value="SM_UID"/"

With these changes made SiteMinder can now be enabled for the ipConfigure site. Please note that the following items and all their child objects will need to be excluded from SiteMinder for ESM to work properly.



SiteMinder should now be integrated into ESM and working for Pass Through Authentication.

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