Installing Firefox-ESR 32-bit

Unfortunately, Firefox released an update on March 7 which removed support for NPAPI plugins.

Both ESM and Orchid will remain usable and compatible with this latest version of Firefox, but viewing video will trigger "low-bandwidth mode" which can reduce viewing frame rate and add additional load to the ESM or Orchid server. 

Firefox has released an Extended Support Release (ESR) that will continue to support NPAPI plugins such as the FBGST plugin. 
The overview of this release can be reviewed on Mozilla's website:
In order for Firefox to be compatible with FBGST, you will need download and install the 32-bit version of the ESR from here: 


1. Enter


2. Click on "Download Mozilla Firefox ESR.


3. Select English (US) and make sure you also select the 32-it version or else the FBGST plugin will not function.firefoxesr3.jpg

4. Navigate to your Downloads folder in Windows Explorer and double click the Firefox Setup 53.5.0esr.exe installer.


5. Select Next


6. Make sure Standard is selected and press Next.


7. Select Install.


8.Select Finish and Mozilla Firefox ESR 32-bit is installed on your system.



For more assistance, please submit a support ticket at




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