Reconfiguring Adaptec RAID 5

This article will tell you how to configure the Adaptec RAID BIOS for an Adaptec RAID card

1. Boot System

2. Press Control-A when the first screen comes up for the Adaptec RAID BIOS

3.Select Logical Device ConfigurationDC3-1.jpg

4. Select Manage Arrays


5. Press the "Del" key on your keyboard and then select Delete and press enter.DC3-3.jpg

6. Confirm Delete of Array


7. Select Initialize drives


8. Press "Insert" key and highlight all the drives until it goes back to the first disk. (It should Highlight all in Pink) Then Press enter. Press Esc to go back to Main Menu.


9. Select Create Array.


10. Using the Insert key select all the drives until it returns to the first drive and all are highlighted in pink.


11. Select Array type as RAID 5.


12. Keep settings as default, but make sure Read Caching and Write Caching are Enabled. There are 2 Write Cache settings, one with a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) protection unit and the other without. Then select Quick Init and press Enter. By selecting Quick Init, you will have your array ready to use immediately. (Pending creation of a file system.) However, you will need to run a VERIFY_FIX task once the machine is up and running, which will allow the RAID array to better handle any disk swaps or rebuilds. You can run the VERIFY_FIX though MaxView Manager, or through the command line using ARCCONF commands. Please check with support for assistance as needed.


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