Enabling Google Authentication in Orchid Fusion

NOTE: This article applies to Orchid Fusion 2.0.0 or greater.

Creating the Google credentials

The first step in enabling Google authentication is to create an OAuth client id that Fusion will use to identify itself with Google OAuth servers. To create them, navigate and login to Once logged in, follow these steps:

  1. Click Credentials
  2. Click Create credentials and select OAuth client ID
  3. Select Web application
  4. Set the name to Fusion
  5. Enter the url for your instance of Fusion under Authorized Javascript origins
  6. Click Create
  7. Copy the client ID

Configuring users in Fusion

Fusion users now need to be associated with Google accounts. For each user that would like to log in using a Google account, create or modify their Fusion account and specify their Google account in the email address field.


Configuring Fusion

To enable Google authentication, you will need to modify your Fusion’s properties file and then restart Fusion:

  1. On Linux systems this file is typically located at /etc/opt/fusion/
  2. On Windows systems, this file is typically located at C:\Program Files\IPConfigure\Fusion\conf\

Add (or modify) the following configuration lines in your server’s properties files:


  • google.auth.clientid = <your client id> Replace <your client id> with the client id given to you when configuring your OAuth client in Google.



Note: When using Chrome as the browser it may be necessary to restart the Chrome process if the user is currently logged into the browser and is having trouble logging in with their Google credentials. At this time, attempting to login with Google authentication in Microsoft Edge is not supported.


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