Changing Archive ONLY server to Management/Archive Combo

Changing Archive ONLY server to host both Management/Archive services

This article will explain the process of changing a current server hosting archive services only (linked to another existing management server) to host both management and archive services together on the same ESM instance.

1. Unlink this archive server location from the current management server by right-clicking in the device tree on the ESM admin interface and choosing "Disconnect Location"

2. Uninstall ESM on current Archive Server you want to make a stand-alone mgmt/archive combo.

3. Install ESM confirming both Management Services and Archive services are enabled. (The installer will create the management databases and will use the current archive database.)

4. After installation is complete:

a. Login into the ESM Admin interface with either the default ESM credentials if you chose internal authentication or a user in the group you entered during installation if using Active Directory authentication.

(Please note that this server will be a new set up of groups, users, and primary device tree/maps.  Once the server is linked, it will populate the previously configured cameras, buildings, and server volumes associated with this location.)

b. Link archive server in the device tree on the ESM Admin interface by right-clicking the location and choosing "link to server"

c. In the ESM admin interface>>Settings>>Licensing, click “Export License Request” and save this file. Create a ticket ( and attach the activation request with a description of why you are requesting an additional management server activation, the name of the new location (to differentiate from the previously licensed management server location), and the amount of camera licenses you wish to move from your current management server to this new one.


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