Non-interactive installation of Orchid on Ubuntu or Debian

For non-interactive, automated installation on Debian Linux distributions (including Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04), you can pre-seed answers to the questions required by Orchid's installer so that no user interaction is required when installing Orchid.

Use apt-extracttemplates to get a list of all the parameters required by the Orchid package, and then use debconf-set-selections to preseed those values into the debconf database. For example:

apt-extracttemplates ipc-orchid-x86_64_21.3.0-systemd.deb

The second output value from apt-extracttemplates is a file containing all the parameters required by the Orchid installer. Provide the preseed values for those parameters in a file (let's call it preseeds.txt) according the format described in man debconf-set-selections. An example preseeds.txt might be:

ipc-orchid ipc-orchid/accept_eula boolean true
ipc-orchid ipc-orchid/accept_eula2 boolean true

ipc-orchid ipc-orchid/webserver_port string 80
ipc-orchid ipc-orchid/admin_password string password123
ipc-orchid ipc-orchid/orchives_dir string /orchives
ipc-orchid ipc-orchid/autodiscovery_ip_address string
ipc-orchid ipc-orchid/optimize_db boolean true

Import the preseed answers using: sudo debconf-set-selections preseeds.txt

Finally, you can install Orchid unattended with apt:

sudo apt install ./ipc-orchid-x86_64_21.3.0-systemd.deb

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