Migrating an Orchid Fusion VMS Installation to a New Server (Linux)

An Orchid Fusion VMS installation can be migrated between servers using the procedure described below.  Both your old and new Fusion server should be able to address your linked Orchid Core VMS servers using the same IP addresses or hostnames, and both the new and old Orchid Fusion VMS servers should be the same version.  If you need to migrate to a newer version of Orchid Fusion VMS, first install an older version of Orchid Fusion VMS on your new server (matching the version as your old server), perform the migration steps, and then upgrade Orchid Fusion VMS to the latest version.

If Fusion is running on a Windows operating system, please refer to the relevant guide here instead.

Migration procedure:

  1. Stop the fusion service on the old server:

    $ sudo systemctl stop fusion.service

  2. Backup the following directories on the old server:


  3. Install the same version of Orchid Fusion VMS on the new server, and stop the fusion service on the new server:

    $ sudo gdebi fusion*.deb
    $ sudo systemctl stop fusion.service

  4. Copy the contents of the two directories you backed up from the old server to same locations on the new server.
  5. Start Orchid Fusion VMS on the new server:

    $ sudo systemctl start fusion.service


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