ESMv6.6 - Adding cameras using ONVIF profile

With the release of ESMv6.6, the ability to add cameras using the cameras ONVIF profile.

1. Make sure the camera is, in fact, ONVIF Complaint ( and the appropriate actions are taken in the camera to provide the ONVIF profile (like Firmware updates and/or ONVIF user. 

2. In the ESM admin interface >> Devices, Right-click in the location 


3. There are two options in adding the ONVIF camera. First, you can press the "Find Cameras" button which will location the ONVIF profiles for cameras within the servers subnet. Second, you have the option of changing the IP Address in the ONVIF Discovery URL box (Ex. If the camera's ip address is, you would change the ONVIF Discovery URL box to read "

4. After choosing the camera in the discovered cameras section, add the Camera Name, Archive Server, and ONVIF user credentials (Username and Password).  Press "Register Camera".

5. First, highlight stream that you are choosing to record as well as choose the streams you would like the user to be able to view by clicking the "eye" icon in the viewable column. Then, the recording settings appear below to choose the schedule, recording volume, and retention days.  Press "Save Changes". If the stream is not available that you wish to record, choose "Add Stream" to configure it accordingly.

6. Make sure you enable the camera by clicking the "Enabled" button by the camera name at the top.

Note: Tunnel streams over HTTP allows cameras that are blocked by a firewall to be viewed/recorded by tunneling the RTSP traffic over port 80 (HTTP) instead of port 554 and related UDP ports.



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